Book Formatting

Book Formatting

Book formatting takes the edited manuscript and places it into a accepted book format. Formatting includes adding page numbers, chapter numbers and titles, artwork, photos and illustrations where necessary, and provides the printer with a print-ready file.

Authors should provide the formatters with information regarding book size, point size, font, header/footer style, chapter title style, etc. Making decisions about these things before formatting has been done is important. Substantial changes to formatting will result in additional charges. These charges would apply if you change the book size, point size, font, add more than 3 illustrations/photographs or make changes to the standard margin sizes.

Clear instruction for image placement and high-resolution images must accompany manuscript. Manuscript and instructions should be complete and final before being given to the formatter.

Book formatting includes one round of galley revisions. You may make as many revisions as necessary (other than the aforementioned formatting changes) to the galley. Revisions should be submitted on the provided revision sheets. Revisions done in another manner may require additional fees if they slow the revision process.

Additional rounds of galley revisions may be purchased if necessary. Please talk to your API representative if you need to purchase further revisions.

Note: Book formatting takes 2 weeks for electronic files without special instructions and/or 5 or fewer illustrations/photos. Manuscripts with special instructions and/or 6 or more illustrations/photos up to 20 will require 4 weeks for formatting. Books with more than 20 illustrations/photos will require 6 weeks for formatting.  Manuscripts which must be data entered (those that exist as hardcopy only) require 90 days for data entry/formatting. Manuscripts will be formatted as the schedule permits. Time required may be shortened, but a substantial fee will be required to rush the job. Please talk to your API representative about rush formatting fees.

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