Softcover Book Printing

Softcover Book Printing

A softcover book refers to a book that has its pages bound within a pliable paper cover (like a paperback novel, corporate annual report or magazine). This is opposed to a hardcover book, which has its pages bound inside a cover made from thick, rigid paperboard (like an elementary school textbook).

Soft cover binding is also referred to as softbound, softback or paperback. The paper used for the cover of a soft cover book may be thicker than the interior pages (for extra durability) or the cover may be the same thickness as the interior pages (for cost savings).

Most people think of a perfect bound book as the prime example of a softcover book. In addition to perfect binding, other popular soft cover binding styles include saddle stitching and spiral coil binding.

The main advantages of printing a softcover book include the relatively low cost and quicker turnaround times. This is why soft cover binding is more popular than hardcover binding for most printed books.

A good fit for soft cover binding includes: novels, non-fiction titles, corporate manuals, annual reports, magazines, graphic novels and more.