Coated Gloss

Coated gloss paper has had a glossy chemical coating applied during manufacturing, giving it a reflective shine. Coated gloss papers are popular, and are commonly used in a wide range of applications from comic books and children’s books to catalogs and magazines, and everywhere in between.

Coated Matte

Coated matte paper has also had a chemical coating applied during manufacturing, however unlike gloss coating, matte coating gives a more diffuse, duller sheen. Coated matte papers are often used for art books, literary journals, graphic novels, and for any project that doesn’t need the full shine of a coated gloss paper.


Uncoated paper has had no coating applied. This choice works well for applications where the paper will be written on, such as workbooks, or for any projects where a rougher or more natural look is desired. It can also be used to achieve the look of a golden or silver age comic book (these were historically printed on newsprint). Uncoated stocks are naturally less protected from dirt and fingerprints than coated stocks, so they are not generally recommended for use as cover stock.