File submission checklist

File Submission Checklist

To give yourself the greatest probability of success in the production process, minimize unpleasant surprises, and avoid surcharges, we strongly suggest utilizing the following checklist when preparing your files for submission.

Use Unique Filenames

When naming your files, use the book title and book title_text or book title_cover to make your files easily identifiable.

Eliminate All Unnecessary Elements

Delete all non-used colors, patterns, and any other irrelevant elements from your files, including those elements that might be invisible or hidden behind objects or within layers.

Make Spot Color Naming Consistent

If you’re utilizing spot colors in your files and you use the same spot color several times within the same document, be consistent in specifying each object’s color.

Use Acceptable File Formats

Acceptable page-layout file formats include packaged Adobe InDesign, Quark Xpress, and PDF with fonts embedded.

Acceptable Image File Formats


Package All Your Files

Using your page-layout application, choose the Package or Collect for Output function to copy all the graphics and fonts required for your project.