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Children’s Book Printing

API offers Commercial quality children’s book printing at a fraction of the price

We’re in the midst of a self-publishing revolution, as every day more children’s book writers and illustrators are choosing to print their own books and forego the traditional publishing houses entirely. Self-publishing gives creators the freedom and creative control they crave, but it also brings new challenges, which we can help you solve.

Knowing Your Options for Printing a Children’s Book

There are several options available for children’s book printing, and you’ll need the following information to help you decide how your book will be produced:

Choice 1: Case Bound or Perfect Bound

Do you want a hardcover children’s book (case bound) or a softcover (perfect bound). Case bound books have a printed cover printed on the board of the book and then coated with a glossy or matte finish, while Perfect Bound books have the cover printed on paper, which is then coated to give it a glossy or matte finish. This coating will also make the book’s cover more durable when handled by children.

Choice 2: Size

In general, the children’s books tend to be larger than novels, so 8.5×8.5 and 8.5×11 are popular sizes. Many children’s books are also printed in landscape format so they are wider than they are tall, though this is usually more expensive. We can print nearly any size; so feel free to contact us with sizing questions.

Choice 3: Paper Type

Since most children’s books contain colorful photos that look more brilliant when printed on coated paper. Please feel free to contact us to discuss the many paper options we have available.

Let Us Know What You Need

While the above information is helpful, we know that you likely have questions specific to your project. We’re always ready to help you and answer any questions you might have, so contact us today. We can also provide samples so that you can see and touch the products you have in mind before your book is printed.