Book Formatting

Book Formatting — Making Your Book Look Professional

Because a professionally formatted book is critical to your success as an author, this is not a step to skip. You’ve created a compelling book, yet it may not get the attention it deserves without professional formatting.

API’s Process

Book designers at API create a customized layouts to match the theme and message of your book. In addition to all the basics of formatting, the style of the book will be consistent and help to convey your book’s message. Furthermore, upon completion, the designer will provide a print-ready file for your printer.

The Author’s Side of the Equation

Authors should provide the following information:

  • book size
  • desired point size for text
  • font preference
  • header/footer style preference
  • instructions for photo placement
  • other author-specific requirements

Therefore, making decisions about these things before formatting begins is helpful, in addition to helping to speed the formatting process. In addition, substantial changes to formatting can result in additional charges.

API Book Formatting

API’s book formatting service includes original formatting of text and images, as well as one round of revisions. You may make as many changes at the revision stage as necessary. However, providing a new text file to replace the existing file will result in substantial additional fees. Talk to your API representative about the revision process if you have questions.

Scheduling Information

Book formatting normally takes 2 weeks for electronic files without excessive special instructions and 5 or fewer illustrations/photos. However, manuscripts with special instructions 5-20 photos/illustrations can require additional formatting time. Additionally, books with more than 20 photos/illustrations, please contact your API representative.

In addition, handwritten or typed manuscripts can be transcribed, but as a result will require additional time and fees. Please contact your API representative.


In conclusion, API book formatting service takes your book one step closer to gaining more readers.