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Long Run Printing Service

Long run printing typically refers to traditional offset printing services, as distinct from digital print technology commonly in use today. At varying levels of production quantity, the cost advantages inherent with smaller runs of digital print give way to those of offset. API Print Productions will thoroughly analyze your project to determine your optimal pricing advantage.

Common long run printing pieces that API Print Productions facilitates include:

  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters
  • Catalogs
  • Brochures
  • Promotional mailings


Who Benefits from Long Run Printing?

The most common beneficiary of long run printing is any company or individual who is certain to need large quantities. While the specific number of pieces varies to some degree, a good rule of thumb for point of equal costs is somewhere in the range of several hundred. While extremely high or low quantities are always easy to pin down, the challenge is with pricing in that three to five hundred range.

That is exactly why it is to your advantage to work with API Print Productions. We will assess the scope of your print needs and advise you as to the proper course. Much has to do with the possibility of needing additional copies at a later date. Each project is unique and each company has specific considerations. Guessing can be expensive!

Long Run Printing Considerations

Color matching can become problematic for a number of reasons. API Print Productions prides itself on our ability to create exact color matching with the Pantone Matching System (PMS).

Warehousing and storage can also become an issue for smaller companies. Many of our customers are delighted to discover that API can store any quantity necessary. Fees will vary according to number and size. Obviously, customers who require fulfillment services will also require warehousing.

Lead Generation

There are a number of enhancements you will want to consider for business promotion purposes. Direct mail pieces are experiencing renewed popularity due to the reduction in the general volume of traditional mail versus email. There is simply less mail competition from other sources.

Direct mail pieces are far more likely to get attention than email that is often filtered effectively by email service providers. The inclusion of prepaid return response pieces will provide outstanding results on a per piece basis, as recipients are less likely to be concerned with privacy issues.

How API Excels

Your company’s printed materials directly reflect your attention to detail and concern for quality. By the same token, API Print Productions guarantees your complete satisfaction. We could not offer such reassurance without our full confidence that we can perform up to standards that exceed those of our competitors.

API is a complete long run printing service. We will help you move from the conceptualization phase to placing your printed piece in the hands of your customers and readers. Contact a print professional today to find out whether digital or offset printing will provide your greatest return on