I am a printing broker. I work with numerous clients and find printers that match their needs and budget.

I recently had API produce a perfect-bound book for one of my clients (a husband and wife publishing team). It was my first job with API. I had been impressed with the pricing and samples, and although my clients had used another vendor for their literary books for years (primarily poetry and fiction, with high-production values such as textured paper, special cover coatings, covers with French flaps, and luxurious cover imagery), I asked them to consider API.

They were so pleased with the price and printed samples that they made the switch and never looked back. They loved the soft-touch coating on the covers of their new printed books, and the overall book presentation was stellar.

What really set API apart from the other book printers I frequent is their attention to detail and quality. For instance, my clients were out of the country when their revised cover proof went out. I suggested a digital (virtual) revised proof since my clients had already seen the first physical color proof. Robert Smith, the president of API, wouldn’t have it. He said it was too important (and too complex, due to the French flaps). He wanted to make sure the clients would be delighted with the final books. So he strongly urged me to have them view a revised physical proof.

Who has that kind of commitment to quality these days? Between the cost savings on the printing and the spectacular quality of the books, my clients will be coming back to API, and so will I, along with my other print brokering clients.



Steven Waxman, Printing Broker, North Potomac, MD