Solving your gift buying problems with genius

Solving your gift buying problems with genius

Traditionalist by choice

Christmas coming up faster than I’d like, and I need to come up with unique ideas for gifts. You see I belong to a traditional family, which loves to make every occasion special. Although I am not a traditionalist myself, I like to keep with the family’s wishes because I love them so much. And so every Christmas I am going crazy thinking of bring that great unique gift to the family.


Friend to the rescue

Heck, for once in my life I want to beat my boastful cousin Herb who has always had a creative mind and for the last forever he has always been the center of the family “oohs and ahs” — not that I care….well, actually I do. As usual I was moping around, preoccupied trying to think up that one unique thing that would put me ahead of Herb this year — but coming up with nothing. And then my friend Ross comes up with the perfect idea — ‘write a novel about your family’.


It was perfect…but….

I didn’t have the finances to get a novel printed, let alone a copy for the whole family – that meant 15 copies and at least five in spare. But Ross told me to start writing and he would get my ‘novel’ printed. With a week, I had the first chapter ready for printing. Meanwhile, Ross was checking out the printers in the Atlanta GA market and trying to find the right people for me. You can go for on demand printer and get the work done on your terms. However, even though the on demand printer will provide you with exactly what you want, he will be adding a professional touch. These print on demand printers are in quite the rage nowadays, mainly because print on demand printers are affordable by the majority.


We have a plan

Ross knew I didn’t have much cash to spend on this gift — let alone 15 to 20 copies of the same — so the printers he found in Atlanta GA had to fit a mold that suited me. He found a printer who not only could get the job done within the budget but could also deliver well before our deadline. When I freaked out — as most writers do during the creative-gestation phase — Ross sat me down over a steaming cup of soup (we had run out of coffee and it was 4 am and we were too lazy to go out) and explained the whole process to me.

Since we had to print 15-20 copies of the novel, we would be opting for short-run printing as opposed to long-run printing. He said that short-run printing would be done by professionals and we had nothing to worry about, and he couldn’t stress enough how we had saved by not going the ‘long-run printing’ way as he called it. By employing short-run digital printing the pictures were going to use would be as sharp and clear.

I was obviously annoyed, so Ross went into detail about short-run digital printing, explaining the procedure in detail and I could almost see my novel coming off the press, the crisp new pages smelling like pressed paper.


Do you want a signed copy?

Thanks to Ross and short-run book printing I am now a proud writer with a novel to my name. My family is going to love this gift and I am sure I am going to write another book soon via short-run book printing on how innovative ideas can make you different. Now with the success of this venture, I am recommending to all who want to be as accomplished as I am is to go for the small run book printing or for those who want to bring out magazines of their own choice to go for short-run magazine printing and believe me you will never feel so accomplished. The advantages of small run book printing and short-run magazine printing is that you can get what you want at your own price.