Classics that have been lost in time

Classics that have been lost in time

The Brontës

The untimely deaths of all but one of the four Brontë siblings at young ages are quite tragic. All four of them – three sisters and a brother were extremely creative, writing poems and stories to pass the time. Emily Brontë managed to write only one novel – Wuthering Heights – before she died at the age of 30. Her novel has been published several times since and has been adapted in as TV series and films. It was unfortunate that the mind who could create the cold-hearted lover Heathcliff and his passionate yet cruel beloved Catherine didn’t get time to create other legendary characters for the reader.


Only if…

All a writer wants is to get published and appreciated by readers. Getting published is usually the hardest hurdle for most writers as it is expensive which leads to a lot of frustration for the writer, stopping any further creativity. And then the manuscript may not be accepted by the publisher. Only if great writers didn’t get depressed easily because they lacked the means to get their work published, the world would have many more books to peruse. Many a writer in the past could have been a happy writer if they hadn’t spent most of their waking hours in misery.


Off the press

Too bad Emily Brontë was depressed because her writings were rejected by publishers. Writers like her could benefit from short-run printing and long-run printing and produced more work from the satisfaction. Short-run printing and long-run printing could have saved many creative minds from falling into the depths and thereby losing the ability to create further.


Evolution in publishing

Over the years, since Wuthering Heights was written, now publishing ones work is easy. One has a choice of getting controlling the quantity of books published though small run book printing. The number varies with the demand of the matter published or on the writer.  Print on demand printers allows you to choice your own way of printing – you could opt for small run book printing that allows you to work within your limits, and short-run digital printing enhances the quality of the published matter.


Working on your terms

Short-run book printing is available at most places at varying prices. In Georgia, you have a large variety of printers who offer a variety of on demand printers who can give you a lot of variety well within your budget. They also cater to those who are not interested in books, but want other things published and can opt for short-run magazine printing. You don’t like something in a magazine, you start taking out your own at a low price. Short-run magazine printing is a good way publishing say a school magazine especially if you use short-run digital printing with nice glossy covers and in pages. Printers in Atlanta GA provide exactly what the customer wants within the budget. Print on demand printers gives you the space to be creative while professionals do the dirty work for you.