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API Print Productions

Print on Demand Printers

The goal of API Print Productions is to be among the nation’s leading print on demand printers. On demand printer capability has leaped to the forefront of today’s printing industry for virtually any sized operation.

The evolution of on demand printer service has significantly reduced up front publishing costs. Digital technology now enables API to supply large companies and individual authors with a means of accessing a complete line of print production products for a fixed cost per copy regardless of the quantity required.

Less Waste Equals Lower Costs

The exponential growth of print on demand printers throughout the United States makes perfect sense. No longer does any company or individual have to guess at the ideal number of items to purchase. With this technology, API Print Productions can:

  • Produce any quantity of any print product with incredible cost efficiencies
  • Set up much more quickly than in the past minimizing turnaround times
  • Reduce inventory of paper and publishing materials, further lowering costs
  • Eliminate customer waste resulting from unsold copies

API uses only high speed, high-resolution equipment to produce flawless black and white or full color published materials. Books, magazines, catalogs, and all other printed products can be delivered within previously unimaginable time frames.

Self-Publishing – The New Frontier

The days of relying upon the acceptance of a manuscript for publishing are quickly waning. While top writers and large multinational firms can afford to lay our large sums up front, most small businesses and individual authors need more affordable on demand printer services. They want to partner with a printer that understands their unique needs and will help create demand for their work.

Any great content can quickly go viral with the right self-publishing tools and expertise. In fact, some of the most renowned writers, both from the past and present transitioned to self-published eBooks, hard cover, and soft cover traditional books that are identical in quality to the expensive alternatives. They include names such as:

  • Mark Twain
  • Walt Whitman
  • Stephen King
  • John Grisham

Some other notable current self-publishers are David Mamet, Eloisa James, Fred Waizken, and Maryanne Vollers. In fact, over 235,000 books were self-published in 2012, a number that will continue to increase. More than 25% of Amazon’s sales are now self-published with the help of a company like API Print Productions.

Benefits of Self-Publishing

  1. The client has complete control over marketing – no broken promises over promotion quantity or time duration.
  2. Expect to receive compensation of up to 75% of sale price. Comparatively, most authors receive 25% for digital publication and only 7-12% for traditional hardbound sales.
  3. There are no minimum order requirements.
  4. We guarantee your satisfaction with all of our products.
  5. There are no set-up fees or any other surprises.

We invite you to contact us today to learn more about all of the benefits of print on demand printers and how API Print Productions can deliver your work to interested buyers sooner than you ever imagined possible.

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